The Beginner's Guide to Gua Sha

the beginner's guide to gua sha - Deinlai

  • What is Gua Sha? And what are Gua Sha tools?
  • How to Gua Sha?
  • How To Find Your Gua Sha?
  • Gua Sha at Home
  • Gua Sha bruising: Is it normal?
  • Some Gua Sha tips

Being a beautiful person is the goal and dream of so many girls.A crystal which could give you a natural facelift and glowing skin is becoming a newest beauty trend. Facial roller and gua sha stones has taken over instgram and tiktok. Everyone is massaging their faces with the face roller and gua sha stones. What is this tools all about? 

What is Gua Sha? And what are Gua Sha tools?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method in which a trained professional uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin while they press on it. People use gua sha to treat chronic pain all over their body. They often do it alongside other complementary treatments like herbal medicine,massage,acupuncture and heat therapy.

The gua sha tool has been adjusted and modernized and made from more rrefined materials such as jade or rose quartz to massage the appropritaely lubricated area of the body surface in upward strokes or in a swift and gentle but vigorous scraping motion to relax stiff muscles while relieving pain and tension,treat certain illnesses,as well as improve blood circulation.

How to Gua Sha?

Many beauty influencers have their ‘Gua Sha how to’ videos in the youtube. How to Gua Sha?how to gua sha - Deinlai

Here is a rundown of the right Gua Sha technique –

  1. Clean your face and body first.
  2. Apply face oil to your face. Gua Sha should not be used on dry skin.
  3. Make sure your upper body is fine and calm.
  4. Hold the Gua Sha instrument firmly and properly in your hand between 30-45 degrees angle towards the area you are about to scrape.
  5. Begin to scrape in one direction – down, away from the head, or sideways, away from the spine.
  6. Scrape the first few strokes for some time before applying a little more pressure.
  7. Maintain consistent pressure. Don’t go too hard or too soft.
  8. Apply long and continuous strokes between 15cm – 20 cm or 6 – 7 inches.
  9. Be consistent with scraping in just one direction. Don’t injure your client by changing directions while scraping on a particular area of the skin.
  10. Each stroke should be applied about 10 to 30 times before proceeding to the next area.
  11. Spend a little more time on an area that has more sha, and move to the next skin area when there is no more she.
  12. Cover up treated areas immediately with a towel to keep it warm.
  13. After each use, we would recommend you to wash your Gua Sha tool and dry it completely before storing it in the fridge.

How To Find Your Gua Sha?

Gua sha vary in shapes and material,each having its distinct use.We have curated a list of common shapes and materials along with their benefits and uses to help you find your perfect Gua sha!

Based on Material 

  • Jade: This crystal brings the existing imbalances to rest. It reduces puffiness and promotes lymphatic drainage.Jade roller and gua sha - Deinlai
  • Rose Quartz: This pretty shade of pink is associated with emotions,compassion,and love. It is the best suited for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and getting rid of toxins and negativity that is present in the body.Deinlai rose quartz facial roller and gua sha beauty tools


Based on Shapes:

Concave side:This concave side of a gua sha is the most ideal to use on wider areas of your body. It sculps the neck,shoulder and spine.

Deinlai gua sha tools

Gua Sha at Home

The best thing about Gua Sha is that anybody can do it. It is not a complicated procedure, and you can do facial Gua Sha by yourself at home. All you need is a Gua Sha tool, some oil, and the right Gua Sha tutorial. In the mornings, you can use it to de-puff your face. And at night, you can use it to relax the facial muscles. Other than having numerous health and beauty benefits, Gua Sha is a relaxing process that allows you to unwind after a long day. 

Gua Sha bruising: Is it normal?

Gua Sha is not supposed to be painful. If you apply too much pressure, there may be bruises. However, it is perfectly normal to have bruises, and they will fade after a few days. These bruises are a sign that there is enhanced lymphatic drainage in your body. 

Some Gua Sha tips

  • Wash your tools frequently and keep them dry in the fridge in a cooler bag to reduce bacteria and to prevent future breakouts. 
  • Go for genuine Gua Sha tools that are made from jade or rose quartz. Using fake Gua Sha tools will only cause more harm and irritation to your skin. 
  • Never Gua Sha on dry skin. Moisturise your face before using a Gua Sha, and you may always reapply the oil during the process if the Gua Sha starts to tug on your skin. 
  • You can use the same Gua Sha tool for the back and joints.
  • Avoid using Gua Sha on breakouts or inflamed skin as it will further irritate your skin. If you have broken skin or visible capillaries, Gua Sha might not be suitable for you. 

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