Does Gua Sha Work to Minimize a Double Chin?

  • What is Double Chin and Gua sha?
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What is Double Chin and Gua sha?

Double Chin which known as submental fat occurs when another layer of fat forms under the chin.Depending on the way you position your head,there is always an additonal fold under the chin that pops up and we call that a double chin.Many young girls are troubled with it and want to naturally get rid of it. For someone,this fold coms with a lot of mental distress.

There are lots of potential ways to do so,from liposuction to skincare products. However,there is an old Chinese Traditional Medicine way,it is gua sha. It is something that Chinese women have practiced for years,and you might heard that it is good for getting rid of a double chin.

As an natural and easy at-home remedy,Gua sha works wonders for your facial contour. So if you're interested in relieving muscle tension,regain elasticity around your neck and chin area,Tone your facial muscles,and drain your lymphatic tissue all around your face,following these instructions step by step maybe your best option.

How to use Gua Sha for double Chin?

 Since gua sha helps lymphatic fluids flow better,the skin regains its proper functioning of moving the fat and either burning or distributing it throughout the body. This way,the aspect of a more chiseled chinm may be achieved.


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Before starting gua sha,ensure that your skin is hydrated with facial oil or moisturizer.

Afterwards,using a facial jade roller to roperly massage your chin area and the whole neck area under it.

Using the gua sha tool,roll it along the jawline and rest of your face,and not only might ic contour your features,but it also releases stored tension in your facial muscles.

To combat sagging skin,you can also massage different points in your lower part of your face with your hand.

To further enhance your gua sha experience,you may also want to learn more on How to use a facial roller and gua sha.

Does it Really Work?

So does gua sha really effective?

Yes,it is!

gua sha for double chin before and after - Deinlai

As a direct result of applying this routine,the skin will be better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and look fresh. You will also improve your blood circulation and create an immediate skin lift at the same time.

Gua sha not only reduces puffiness that appears due to facial muscle tension in the face but also drains and stagnant lymph fluid.

Unlike other treatments such as surgery that can help you reduce puffiness under your chin,gua sha is completely natural. The rolle and scrape action of gua sha will improve the blood flow in your chin.cutting down the water retention and breaking down the fat,It will also improve your muscle firmness,making it a good remedy for those that have sagging facial muscles.

After the treatment,the skin on the whole area you massaged can absorb the active ingredients from masks,ampoules,creams,or lotions much better.Light vegetable oils and baby oils,without paraffin oil,are recommended to be applied on your jawline,chin,and neck as soon as the massage is over. Immediate effects should be seen and quickly felt after your first season. So take at least 10 minutes until you jump back to your daily chores and lie,face-up,in bed.

In the end,it works similarly to neck exercises. It can boost elasticity and promote drainage of the lymphnodes to the point where you can enjoy a nice,chiseled skin.

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